Gregory Palamas

St. Gregory Palamas

Home Activities:

  •  There’s some memory work again this week; even the smallest children should be able to learn the Jesus prayer. Say it every day in your prayer time.  The treasure box will again come out next Sunday. 
  • Color St. Gregory’s icon for your icon corner. 
  • Try a little mysticism with your older child this week; instead of reading or reciting prayers throughout prayer time, try some time of silence, just focusing the mind on Jesus. 
  • Doves are also big this week; visit a pet shop to meet a dove or come on over to the Disharoons’ to pet and hold our dove. 
  • Adorn your house with doves – from construction paper, paper plates, handprint doves, all kinds of doves.

Prayer: Lord, send our spirits to You in heaven on wings like a dove.


What prayer did Gregory Palamas teach us?








Can you decode the secret message?