Ecumenical Councils/St. Cyril of Alexandria

Ecumenical Councils/St. Cyril of Alexandria

            The smaller children will focus on St. Cyril of Alexandria, while the older students study the councils.

Home Activities:

  • Review St. Cyril, even with your older student.
  • St. Cyril taught us about the role and place of the Theotokos.  Put an icon of Mary in your icon corner. 
  • Retell the story of the Annunciation and the Nativity.  Retell the story of the Crucifixion (John 19), Resurrection (Luke 24), Ascension (Acts 1), Pentecost (Acts 2), and the Dormition.  Point out Mary in the icons of these feasts; what is she doing there?
  • Review St. Athanasius and St. Nicholas. Which council did they attend?

Prayer: Lord, we honor your mother, Mary the Theotokos, as we are taught by Your servant St. Cyril of Alexandria.


While it may seem an impossible task to keep the councils straight, the councils ARE the backbone of Orthodox theology and are worth the effort for the older student. While the younger ones are coloring the icons, let’s work on the first 6 councils (after the Council of Jerusalem, which is not numbered):


1.  Where was I held?                          CANIE                    ________________________

      Who called me?                            TOCNASENTNI        ________________________

      Whose heresy was condemned?   SAIRU                     ________________________

      Who defended the faith?              STANAHUASI          ________________________

      What was the result?                     DEREC                   ________________________


2. Where was I held?                          PLONECNATNISTO   ________________________          

     Who called me?                             STEDSHOOIO          ________________________

     Whose heresy was condemned?    SCUDNIAMOE         ________________________

     Who defended the faith?               ODOSTOSHIE          ________________________

     What was the result?                      DRECE                    ________________________


3 Where was I held?                           SHEPSUE                  ________________________

    Who called me?                              SHOOTEDSIO2        ________________________

    Whose heresy was condemned?     SRETSNOIU              ________________________

    Who defended the faith?                RICLY                        ________________________

    What was the result?                       STOOTHEKO            ________________________


4. Where was I held?                          CLODNEHAC           ________________________

     Who called me?                             CRANIMA                 ________________________

     What heresy was condemned        STIMOONHIMSPY     ________________________

     Who defended the faith?               OLE                            ________________________

     What was the result?                      LANNICLIEDCH DEREC ____________________


5. Where was I held?                          SPOCLATETONNIN _______________________

    Who called me?                              SNITUNIJAS             ________________________

    What heresy was condemned?       STIMOMIPOSHNY  ________________________


6. Where was I held?                          NOTNIPSOCANTEL  ________________________

    Who called me?                              SLICHUREA             ________________________

    What heresy was condemned?       SLITOOMETHIMN  ________________________