The Tower of Babel




  1. Children should be able to identify the Tower of Babel and tell its story.
  2. Children should identify the source of the many languages we have today.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Tell the story of the Tower of Babel from the Beginner’s Bible, pp 34-38, the Children’s Bible Reader, page 28, or the Read with Me Bible, 36-39.

Add the Tower of Babel to your timeline.

  1. Reenact the drama as the children tell you the story back while building a tower of blocks and finally knocking it down.


  1. True/False questions:

                       True                                                              False

The Tower of Babel was the tallest ever.  God built the Tower of Babel

Men built the tower to reach heaven.       God told people to build it.

God destroyed the tower.                         People always had many languages.

      God confused the languages.                   The tower was made of wood.


  1. Do you speak another language? Many of the children have no idea what it is like to not understand what someone is saying; indeed, travel to a foreign country is one of the only ways to bring this lesson home. But, give it a try. Begin the lesson in another language, or give the instruction for the crafts in another language. Watch the blank stares and discuss their reactions.

  1. Make a craft-stick tower:

Begin with 2 sticks. Put glue on

the ends of each, and add 2 more

perpendicularly across. Then put             

glue on the ends of these and add

2 more just over the 1st 2. Keep               

adding until tower is tall enough.

glue on paper windows, door, etc.

You can even make a flag for the

top saying “Tower of Babel”.


  1. Close with prayer.