Protestant Reformation

Protestant Reformation


To cover the entire Protestant Reformation in the West in 2 lessons is ludicrous, but we’ll try anyway. 

Home activities:

  • Bring out the hammer and nails and join Martin Luther in hammering away on the cathedral door. 
  • Visit one or several Protestant churches with your older child; most of them have Sunday or Wednesday evening services in addition to Sunday morning.  What’s alike and what’s different from a Liturgy?  How is a Baptist service alike or different from a Lutheran? 
  • Interestingly, especially for those who are converts, Orthodox children usually come away from a Protestant service feeling somehow “cheated”; where’s the meat?  My children feel like they’ve been to a “show”, with some good (or excellent) music and preaching, but not to a worship experience. 

We cannot in any way do justice to this lesson in 2 Church School periods; we depend on you parents for weekday field trips and discussions. 

Prayer: Lord, may Your people someday be one, even as You are one.



The Church is divided:


1. Founder of the Presbyterian Church
5. Sole head of the Roman Catholic Church
6. Home of John Wesley
9. Founder of the Seventh Day Adventists
10. Founder of the Baptist Church
11. Church of England in the USA
12. Believe in adult immersion
13. Cathedral where 95 theses was nailed
14. Monk who wrote the 95 theses
15. Sold by the Roman church to buy time in heaven
1. King of Spain in days of Luther
2. City where Luther was condemned
3. Founder of the Methodist Church
4. Founder of Church of England
7. Home of Martin Luther
8. Issue for which Church of England founded
10. Home of John Calvin









Martin Luther













John Calvin



















John Wesley