The Revelation is a difficult book.

Home activities:

  • Do your last memory verses: 3:20 for ages 3-7, 4:8 for 8-10, 1:8 for middle school. Remember that the word puzzle is for the 8-10 memory work.  
  • Use the word puzzle to find its major messages. But, it’s full of great imagery.
  • Put on the last parts of Handel’s Messiah this week; play it at full volume.
  • Practice knocking at doors and opening them, especially when getting ready to pray or go to church.
  • Listen at Liturgy for the Trisagion and Cherubic Hymns and look at the icons for the Pantokrator and alphas and omegas.
  • Pull out the encyclopedia with the Greek alphabet; where are alpha and omega?

Prayer: Lord, help me to listen when you knock.





Unscramble each of the words of the first half of the verse. Transfer the letters to the same numbered box below to find out what they said!