Ephesians: Saints



Scripture verse: “But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints.”



  1. Students should memorize the verse and understand the long and difficult words.
  2. Students should be able to contrast the world’s view of sex and the Lord’s.


Background on the book:

            Ephesians was written while Paul was a prisoner in Rome 61-63 AD.  He wasn’t busy and had lots of time to write a letter from his heart.  The letter itself was carried to Ephesus by Tychicus, who was also carrying the letter to the Colossians and had with him Onesimus with the letter to Philemon.


Possible Lesson Plan:

1.      Open with prayer.


2.      Review the background of the letter; this is a carefully crafted letter, meant to be read aloud in the churches


3.      Scripture Lesson: Again have each student read a chapter and briefly summarize, with discussion questions to ensure understanding. Too few students. Chapters 1 and 3 are easily summarized by the teacher.

·         Chapter 1: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – all mentioned here. What are their roles? When are we “sealed” with the Holy Spirit? (Chrismation)

·         Chapter 2: Unity of the Church – In Whom are we united? HOW are we all saved? (by faith) Who does Paul refer to as those who were near? (Jews) Those who were far off? (Gentiles) Who is the chief cornerstone of the church, of which all of us are building blocks? (Jesus Christ)

·         Chapter 3: Paul’s ministry – To whom was Paul sent? Where is he now? Despite his sufferings, what does Paul say surpasses knowledge? (Love of Christ)

·         Chapter 4: The Church, the body of Christ – What are the spiritual gifts Paul lists? Who is the head of the body? What are we? How do we show that we are now “new” men? Characteristics of the old man? Of the new?

·         Chapter 5: Darkness and Light + Marriage – What things are done in darkness? How do we walk in light? Can we really hide in the darkness from GOD? Who fills us with light? (the Holy Spirit) What are the characteristics of someone walking in the Spirit? (vss 17-21) Does this even vaguely resemble OUR lives? There follows a discussion of marriage, of interest in a few years…

·         Chapter 6: The Armor of God – What exhortations does Paul begin the chapter with for children and parents? Which is the 1st of the 10 Commandments that has a promise attached? The more important part of the chapter deals with spiritual warfare. Who is our enemy? Is he real? What are our weapons? Review each piece of armor: Do we put it on every day? Truth and righteousness, reading the gospel, wearing the cross of faith, reading the word of God, beginning the day in prayer….just some ways we can put on our armor every day. What are some others? Can we make a start?


4.      Scripture verse: Ephesians 5:1-5


5.      Do the students know of any Old or New Testament characters with a problem in the area of sexual sin? (David!, the harlot in the Gospels, Mary Magdalene) How did God deal with this area of sin? Is it OK? Can it be forgiven?


6.      Godly relationships with the opposite sex (This is not sex education class!):

What views of relationships with the opposite sex are seen in the movies?

     In romance novels? In the lives of prominent men and women in politics,   

     theater, etc.? What is presented as normative about pre- or extra-marital sex?

What views of relationships are seen in the Bible? What is taught in Scripture about pre- or extra-marital sex? What is fornication? Does a romance novel have a different feel if you use the word “fornication”?

When did you first become aware of the differences between the sexes?  What are some differences, physical and tempermental, between the sexes? Fill in the blank: I can never figure out why boys (girls) ___________? Can a teenaged boy and a teenaged girl be friends without “getting serious” about each other? At what age should dating as couples begin and why? What is permissible Scripturally during a “date”?


7.      Close with prayer.