1 Corinthians: Christ Crucified

I Corinthians 2:2-- Christ Crucified – Use this lesson on years when there’s an extra week


Scripture verse: "For I am determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified."



  1. Students should be able to state that Jesus was crucified for our sins.
  2. Students should know that the cross is an important symbol of Christianity and why.
  3. Older students should be able to recite the verse.

 Possible Lesson Plan:


1.  Open with prayer.


2.  Review the events of Holy Week leading up to Jesus's crucifixion; Children's and “Read with Me” Bibles have great pictures to tell the whole story


3.  Discuss sin (disobedience, "doing bad things") as appropriate to the age of the students; what are some sins that they have committed?


4. Discuss what mommy and daddy do when they are naughty; are they punished? Jesus was punished for our sins on the cross. Do mommy and daddy forgive us when we are disobedient?  So God forgives us also, through His Son, Jesus.


5. Remind the students that the story does not end with the cross, but with the empty tomb!


6. Do a cross necklace: Cut a cross (plain or 3-bar) out of construction paper for each child.  Glue on a small paper plate.  Decorate with flower stickers.  Punch a hole in the top and tie a piece of yarn to hang the necklace.


7.  "Review" the great hymn, "Before Thy Cross" that we sang for the Feast of the Elevation of the Cross, or the Troparion of the Holy Cross that we sing every Sunday. Both songs with music are in the Liturgy Book:


            Before Thy Cross                                            Troparion of the Holy Cross

Before Thy Cross                                            Oh, Lord, save thy people

We bow down and worship                            And bless thine inheritance.

O, Master.                                                       Grant victories to all Orthodox Christians

And thy Holy Resurrection                            Over their adversaries.

We Glorify!                                                     And by virtue of thy Cross

                                                                        Preserve thy habitation.

            8. Close with prayer.