The Creation




  1. Children should know that God created the world.
  2. Children should be able to tell the story of Creation and what was created on which day.


Possible lesson plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Read the story of the creation in the Beginner’s Bible (BB) pages 7-13 or Children’s Bible Reader, pp. 17-20. At the end, ask the children to name some things God created. 

As you read the story make creation trail mix and eat it at the end:

Day 1: Yogurt-covered raisins for light/dark

Day 2: Popcorn for clouds

Day 3: Dried apricot suns/dried banana stars

Day 4: Craisins for dry land and plants

Day 5: Goldfish crackers

Day 6: Animal crackers


Begin your timeline with the Creation. Color, decorate, and hang.

  1. True/false questions (Don’t do them in order!):

                             True                                                         False

On the 1st day, God made light and dark On the 1st day, God made animals.

                  On the 2nd day, God made the sky.          On the 2nd day, God made whales.

                  On the 3rd day,God made water & plants. On the 3rd day, God made rainbows.

                  On the 4th day, God made the sun.           On the 4th day, God made cars.

                  On the 5th day, God made birds & fish.   On the 5th day, God made people.

            On the 6th day, God made animals.         God didn’t care about plants.

                  On the 7th day, God rested.                      God worked hard all on the 7th day.


  1. Make a Creation Mural for the whole class to enjoy on your bulletin board. Take 7 pieces of construction paper. Assign one day of Creation to each student (or work in pairs if there are more than 7 students) and have them draw or paint the happenings of that day. Put them up, surrounded by bits of cotton to look like clouds, and with appropriate lettering.


  1. This is the first lesson of the new year; the first day of the new liturgical year is designated as environmental awareness day. Even the smallest children can take small steps to help care for the lovely world God has given us. Have the children think of some ways their family can care for God’s world. Do they throw litter out into the street to make the world dirty? Do they recycle in their homes?  Have them brainstorm ways they can help to care for the world around them.


  1. For each child to take home, copy the small mural on the next page and color. If you want, copy the small rectangle for each day on pastel paper and allow students to find the right place and glue them in.


  1. Close with prayer.