1. Students should be able to identify Judah Maccabee as the hero and Antiochus as the wicked king.
  2. Students should know that the story of Maccabees is the basis for the Jewish feast of Hanukkah.
  3. Students should understand the meaning behind the 8 candles of the Hanukkah menorah.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Tell the story of Judah Maccabee and his brothers:

Church School will start a bit late today, because I’ll use my tape, “The Story of Hanukkah” to tell the story for everyone during opening exercises.


  1. Feed the Elephant True/False questions:

                                   True                                           False

      Antiochus was a Macedonian king.          Antiochus was an Egyptian pharaoh.

      Judah Maccabee led the Jewish people.     Antiochus led the Jewish people.

      The lamp burned for 8 days.                     There was plenty of oil for the lamp.


  1. Play with a dreidl: You can get one of these from at any party store. Each letter has a meaning. Each child starts with about 20 raisins. Each puts one raisin in the center of the table. They take turns spinning the dreidl. If it lands on Nun, they get nothing. If it lands on Shin, they have to give a raisin to each player. If it lands on Heh, they get half of the raisins in the center. And if it lands on Gimmal, they get all the raisins in the center. When you decide time is up, the child with the most raisins is the winner, and each gets to eat his raisins.

  1. Make your own dreidl:

Use self-hardening clay to shape the dreidl. Engrave one of the letters on each side. Embed a spinner from a toothpick or a piece of dowel or wooden skewer. Allow to dry and enjoy! Or, make the paper dreidl on the next page.


  1. Close with prayer.