Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

Home Activities:

Institute or continue daily prayers in the family icon corner.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer each day. Work with your child to memorize it. 

Ideas for the summer:

  •             Observe the fasts and attend summer feast-day liturgies.
  •             Continue daily prayers. End with the Lord’s Prayer each day.
  •             Remind your child of past lessons as you go about daily life: Jesus’s birth when you see a baby, burning incense and the kings, the wedding at Cana when you make grape juice, feeding the 5000 when you bake bread, trees and Zaccheus, butterflies and the Ascension, bubble-blowing and Pentecost – the list is endless.
  •             Read a story from the life of Jesus at bedtime each day from the Bible or a Bible storybook.
  •             Have a party, invite friends, and celebrate Christmas in July or some other New Testament theme.