Home Activities:

  • Now it’s time to visit the Aquarium. See all the fish, big and small. Imagine Jonah in the belly of a huge fish.
  • Look at the boats of the harbor; which one would you choose if you were Jonah trying to escape.
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet.
  • Print and color the comic strip story. Read aloud to the family. 
  • Read the story at bedtime.

Prayer: Lord, help us to obey Your commandments.





Jonah Crossword


6. where the sailors threw Jonah
7. Jonah's response to God's first word
9. clothing of king of Ninevah after Jonah's warning
10. cast by sailors to discover the culprit
11. father of Jonah
1. capital of Assyria
2. Jonah's response to God's second word
3. what God had on Ninevah
4. what swallowed Jonah
5. number of days God gave Ninevah to repent
8. disobedient prophet
9. cause of the ship's distress
12. destination of ship



Coloring Pages:

































Jonah was swallowed by a great, big fish.