We now arrive at the feast of the Annunciation.

Home Activities:

  • Is it on your feast wheel?
  • Color the icon and place it in your icon corner.
  • Review the story of the Annunciation; use the icon or the puppets made in class to tell the story.
  • Practice the difficult word, “annunciation”, and be sure that they know that it means “announcement”.
  • Sing the Megalynarion at your family prayer time: “More honorable than the cherubim…”
  • Review the Lord’s Prayer; how did Mary respond to “Thy will be done”?

Prayer: Lord, help me to do thy will as did Mary, your mother.


Annunciation Double Puzzle


First unscramble the words of the Magnificat, the prayer of Mary:


Unscramble each of the clue words.
Take the letters that appear in circled boxes and unscramble them for the final message, the words spoken by Mary to Gabriel after the Annunciation.