We now enter the lessons on the sacraments, beginning with baptism.

Home Activities:

  • Show your child pictures of his baptism, his cross, his candle, his garments if you have them.
  • Visit your godparents to reminisce; send a thank-you card for their love and care.
  • Color the picture. Post on your refrigerator.
  • Review the baptism of Jesus; put the icon of Theophany back in the icon corner. Use the icon to review the characters and their roles in the baptism of Jesus.
  • Role-play a baptism at home,with your child wearing the baptismal robe made in Church School.
  • Visit the new baby of a parishioner (with permission, of course).

Prayer: Lord, make my life new each day with the ongoing miracle of baptism with You.


     We are also entering Lent. Review fasting with your children; some may be too young to fast fully but still can understand the concept. Come to as many Lenten services as you can.

     Make an egg tree: blow out eggs for several weeks before Lent and let them drain and dry. Then decorate them as prayer requests – as members of your family, friends, travelers by land, sea, and air, your government, etc. – one for each day of Lent. As you add the egg to the tree, pray for the person or intention; your intercessory prayers will lengthen as the 40 days continue.