Divine Liturgy and the Eucharist –what a full lesson this week!

Home Activities:

  • Make liturgy cards with the parts of the liturgy; can your child put them in order? (with small children use pictures like the ones in the parents’ guide)
  • Hang your child’s censer in your icon corner and light it with a candle or incense each evening with your family devotions.
  • Make Prosphora this week; you can freeze it and bring it another week since we can’t all bring it the same week.
  • Make a list of the names of family members, living and deceased, for Father to pray for during the Proskomedia.
  • Read the story of the Last Supper and place its icon in your icon corner.
  • There are many pages of coloring and games in your parents’ guide to help with this important week. Can you color them and then make a booklet in order to bring to church?

Prayer: Lord, bless us with the miracle of your body and blood, this week and every week.


DIVINE LITURGY MATCHING GAME (These are in order, if you want to do flash cards)

Proskomedia                            We receive the body and blood of Jesus


Blessed is the Kingdom           Procession with the Gospel book to the altar


Litany                                      Readings from the letters of Paul, Peter, John, James, or Jude


Troparia and Kontakia             The Three Holies remind us of the Trinity


Emperor’s Song                      Priest offers the bread and wine to God with thanksgiving


Little Entrance                         We pray the prayer taught to us by Jesus


Trisagion                                  We pray for all the world’s needs.


Prokimenon                             We sing a song to Mary, the Theotokos


Epistle                                      The entire Church gathered on a plate and prayed for


Gospel                                     We affirm our faith


Great Entrance                         Theme songs of the day, sung in one of eight tones


Creed                                       Old Testament Verses


Anaphora                                 The priest thanks God and blesses us with the cross


Megalynarion                           Song written by Justinian summarizing the Bible’s teaching about Jesus


Lord’s Prayer                           Readings from the works of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John


Eucharist                                  We’re invited to a journey into God’s kingdom


Benediction                             Procession with the bread and wine while singing Cherubic Hymn