Joseph as a child

JOSEPH (the child)

Home Activities:

  • Have your children tell you their dreams each morning and write them down; any meanings come to mind?
  • Dress in your most colorful clothes on “Joseph Day” and have a fashion show.
  • Make one child each day the favorite; how do the others feel?
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet.
  • Read the story of Joseph up to Egypt at bedtime.

Prayer: Give us love for our brothers and sisters, O Lord.




Joseph's Crossword Puzzle

Across                                        Down
4. What Jacob gave Joseph                     1. Joseph’s father
6. Ruler of Egypt                             2. A hungry time, when 
7. Joseph's oldest brother                       there is no food
8. Mother of the other 10 brothers            3. Sold as a slave to the
9. Number of Jacob's sons                        Egyptians
11. Nation named for Jacob                    5. The youngest brother
                                              6. Bought Joseph as slave
                                              7. Mother of Joseph and 
                                              10.The land of pyramids 
                                                 and the Nile River














Coloring Page:






Joseph and His New Coat