Road to Emmaeus



  1. Students should be able to tell the story of the road to Emmaeus.
  2. Students should know the significance of the disciples recognizing Jesus in the breaking of the bread.

Possible Lesson Plan:

1.   Open with prayer.

2.   Scripture Reference: Luke 23:13-39. Where were the men going? Find it on a map? Why? Who was the stranger? When did they know that He was Jesus? Review the story of the Last Supper, when Jesus last broke bread with His disciples. Review some of the other appearances of Jesus after His resurrection – to Mary Magdalene, to the disciples and Thomas. In John 21:1-17, we read of yet another, to the disciples fishing. How did they recognize Jesus this time?


3.   This is a good time to review, as Jesus did, the span of the Old Testament and prophets and what they said about the Messiah. When did people first disobey God? Review the story of Adam and Eve. Over and over, God saved His people: Noah and the ark, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and Passover, Jonah and the big fish, the three boys in the fire, Daniel in the lion’s den. In each case, God provided the means of saving His people. What were they? (ark, ram, blood of lamb, fish, Jesus Himself, an angel) He gave His people His law, the Ten Commandments, but they disobeyed even that. Now He has given His Son to save us all!


4.   Play a learning game: Map Search – a review. Divide into teams. Using the original blank map from earlier in the year, ask the first team to locate one of the places marked or Emmaeus. If they locate it correctly, they receive the point and get another turn. If they cannot, the missed place passes to the other team for a try at a point. Continue until all places are correctly identified.


5.   Make Prosphora in class. Ask Fr. Gregory if you can use the kitchen. It would be best to mix the dough at home:

3 cups warm water                                          Mix warm water and yeast

2 tablespoons fast rise yeast                                        first

5 pounds bread flour                                       Add flour, salt, and cool

3 cups cool water                                                        water and knead.

1 ½ tablespoons salt

Let the dough rise during Liturgy in the kitchen (not in oven). Divide into a loaf for each child and let the children knead and shape the loaves and stamp them. Take them home again to bake. Help each child to make a list of relatives, living and dead, for Father to pray for.


6.   Add to your time line as usual.

7.   Close with prayer.