Peter II and Jude



We focus today on the Second Coming.

Home Activities:

  • Memorize  verses from II Peter: 3:10 for ages 3-7, 1:5-7 for 8-10, 2:1 for middle school. Remember that the word puzzle is for the 8-10 memory work.
  • In storytime review the stories mentioned by St. Peter – Sodom and Gomorrah (and Lot’s wife), Noah, Balaam and the donkey, Moses and the golden calf, Cain and Abel.
  • Read together the parable of the Last Judgment (Color the icon.) and decide on a specific course of action this week to help the hungry or the sick or those in prison, etc.; carry it out as a family.
  • We will make food bags for the homeless in Church School; keep these in your car and keep a lookout for those street beggars saying they’re hungry.

Prayer: Lord, help me to serve you by serving others.