St. Peter




  1. Students should know that Peter was one of Jesus’s twelve disciples.
  2. Students should know that Peter started the church in Rome.
  3. Students should know that Peter died as a martyr, upside down on a cross in Rome.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. First, review the story of the calling of Peter at his fishing boat; pick him out in the icons of the Transfiguration, Ascension, and Pentecost. Who spoke to the crowds at Pentecost? Next review the story of Peter and Cornelius; who was the first to take the gospel to the Gentiles? Peter was also at the Council in Jerusalem. Now continue his story with the Read with Me Bible, pages, and/or the Golden Children’s Bible, pages 472-473 and 464-466.


  1. Feed the Elephant True/False Questions:

Peter was a fisherman.                                          Peter was a doctor.

Peter saw a vision of animals on a sheet.              Peter saw a vision of a fiery furnace.

Peter went to Rome to tell people about Jesus.    Peter lived in Israel all his life.

Peter died upside down on a cross.                      Peter was stoned to death.


  1. Peter was also one of the Lord’s greatest apostles. Work a bit on the words “disciple” and “apostle”. Say the words and have the students repeat them. Peter was both – the disciples were the original followers of Jesus who studied and lived with the Lord during His life on earth. So, a disciple is a student, a follower. How many of the original twelve can the students name? One man was chosen to take the place of the one who betrayed Jesus? Who betrayed Jesus? Who took his place? How was Matthias chosen? “Apostle” is someone sent out by the Lord to establish His Church. So, an apostle is a leader, a teacher. Peter was a disciple who, on Pentecost became an apostle. What happened on Pentecost? Paul never knew Jesus on earth but was sent by Him to establish churches all over the Mediterranean world. See if the students can land these famous people in the right category:

     Disciple      Disciple and Apostle       Apostle           Neither

  Judas Iscariot                Peter                                                             Paul                    Abraham

                                       Thomas                                                        Silas                    David

                                        Andrew                                                        Luke                   Daniel



Are there still apostles in modern times? Watch future lessons for the answer.


Saints Peter and Paul are already on your timeline, but why not add the famous icon of the two together this week?


  1. Make the “Fishnet”: See next page for patterns and directions.


6. End with prayer: Lord, make me now Your good disciple learner.