Last Supper



  1. Students should be able to tell the story of the Last Supper in their own words.
  2. Students should identify the major figures in the icon.
  3. Students should know that the Last Supper was also the first Communion.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Scripture References: Matthew 26: 17-75, Mark 14:12-72, Luke 22:1-65, John 13 and 18:1-27. Each gospel writer wrote what he (or his source) observed. Divide the class into 4 groups and have each group spend about 5 minutes reading one of the gospels above. Then, make a timeline on the board. Beginning with Matthew, have each group fill in the events recorded in its reading to get a complete view of this important event. Then, review the story with the icon, identifying the characters, the bread, and the wine. We celebrate the Last Supper on Holy Thursday with the 12 readings of the story.


  1. Historical background: Review the story of Passover in Exodus 12:1-13. Jesus and His disciples were celebrating Passover dinner in accordance with the Law of Moses at the time of the Last Supper. In fact, Jesus is called the Paschal lamb. How is He like the Passover lamb? The lamb saved God’s people from death, just as Jesus was soon to save all people from death.


  1.  At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Why do we celebrate the Eucharist? Are they truly His body and blood or only a symbol? How do they become His body and blood? (a mystery!)


  1. Play a learning game: 20 Questions. Write the names of the significant people from today’s lesson on small slips of paper – Jesus, Peter, John, Judas, man with jar, Moses, Pharaoh, Caiaphas, high priest’s slave, servant girl at the fire, rooster. Each student in turn can select a paper. The others must identify the character by asking yes or no questions.
  2. Egg Carton Last Supper: Print the icon full page size, preferably on cardstock. Leave bottom intact, but cut around the top bodies of all the figures around the table, especially the two on the ends, cutting them down to their hands on the table. Discard the background, leaving figures and table. Cut the top off an egg carton. Then cut the bottom in half lengthwise. Cut off the two end sections, leaving 4 sections. Place upside down. Glue table legs to what is now the front, and table top to the 4 egg cups. Bend the figures up.
  3. Bake Prosphora to use during Holy Week: Tell the students that this is the bread that Father uses for Communion.  It would be best to mix the dough at home:

3 cups warm water                                          Mix warm water and yeast

2 tablespoons fast rise yeast                                        first

5 pounds bread flour                                       Add flour, salt, and cool

3 cups cool water                                                        water and knead.

1 ½ tablespoons salt

Let the dough rise during Liturgy in the kitchen (not in oven). Divide into a loaf for each child and let the children knead and shape the loaves and stamp them. Take them home again to bake. Help each child to make a list of relatives, living and dead, for Father to pray for.

8. Close with prayer.