Joseph in Egypt

JOSEPH (in Egypt)


Home Activities:

  • Give each child a chance to be the “butler” or the “baker”, complete with tasks and costume.
  • Visit a prison, or make a card for a prisoner.
  • See some cows and review Pharaoh’s dream.
  • Try a day of famine (fasting?); can you plan a way to prepare ahead so it won’t happen again?
  • And try hiding a special cup in someone’s bed or backpack each day; who’s got the cup?
  • Puzzle and coloring sheets. Can you add your own captions to the "Life of Joseph"?
  • Read the stories at bedtime.

Prayer: Lord, bring good out of sadness and You did for Joseph and his family.





Coloring pages:


























Joseph is Sold as a Slave in Egypt




























Joseph Becomes Pharaoh’s Minister


























Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers