1. Children should be able to tell the story of Abraham.
  2. Children should identify Abraham as the father of the Jewish people, chosen by God.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Read the story of Abraham from the Beginner’s Bible, pages 39-51, Children’s Bible Reader, pages 29-33, First Bible, pages 24-29, or the Golden Children’s Bible, pages 34-41.

Add Abraham to your timeline.

  1. True/False questions:

                                          True                                          False

                  Abraham was married to Sarah.                Abraham was married to a camel.

                  God told Abraham to leave home.           A king told Abraham to leave home.

      Abraham traveled on a camel.                  Abraham traveled on a magic carpet.

      Abraham’s son was named Isaac.             Abraham’s son was named Noah.


  1. Discuss moving: Has anyone moved to a new house? What would you pack if you had to carry it all on a camel? Have you ever been camping, pitching a tent each night in a different place? What is it like?


  1. Have some fun with camels: What do they look like? What are their natures? Get a book from the library to show camels.


  1. Sing “Father Abraham!”

Chorus: Father Abraham had many sons; many sons had Father Abraham.

             And I am one of them, and so are you, so let’s all praise the Lord:

  1. Right hand      With each verse,
  2. Left hand         add a body part,
  3. Right leg          until you are marching
  4. Left leg             around the classroom
  5. Head                 wagging your heads.


7.   Make a Trinity icon: The story of the 3 men visiting Abraham is the source for

Rublev’s very well-known icon of the Trinity with the 3 Persons seated at a table. First have the students paint a wooden plaque about 5x7 (We have these in the closet.) a solid color with acrylic paint. While that’s drying, take a copy of the icon for each student about 3x4. Glue to the plaque, which should be dry now. Take them home and spray with clear spray after they dry overnight. Or, use Mod Podge to both glue the icon down AND then paint over the entire plaque to seal it. 


8.   Alternate craft idea: Traveling Bag – Take a pillowcase for each child. Thread    

      a piece of clothesline through the open hemmed end to make a drawstring   

      closure. Dip feet in paint or draw around feet with fabric markers to decorate.

9. Close with prayer.