Paul and his Journeys

Paul and Journeys


            There’s a lot to cover on Paul, so he has 2 consecutive weeks. Paul’s journeys can be found in Acts 13-14, 16-28 – lots of reading.  

Home Activities:

  • Follow his journeys on your world map or globe.
  • Do the puzzle.
  • Make a small sailboat out of popsicle sticks and shipwreck it in a puddle or creek. 
  • Visit the snakes at the zoo. 
  • Again, get books from the library or research on the Internet Greece, Rome, and the areas of Asia Minor Paul traveled in and look at the cultures and geography of the lands involved. 
  • Talk about earthquakes and how to prepare for them. 
  • Paul was, by trade, a tentmaker; make a tent from a sheet and spend the night (pitch it in the house if it’s too cold to be outside). 
  • Paul spent years in jail; make cards for prisoners and gather toys for their children. 
  • Paul spoke about running a race for the Lord; go to the track and run some races or have a mini-meet in your yard for the neighborhood children (reminding them, of course, of the story of Paul).

Prayer:   Lord, let me live my whole life, every minute, for You as did Paul.