David (later life)



  1. Children should identify David as King after Saul.
  2. Children should identify Jonathon as Saul’s son.
  3. Children should be able to tell the story of David and Jonathon.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Read the story from the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 129-131, the Children’s Bible, pages 236-241, 252-253 or use the flannelboard figures to tell the story.


  1. Feed the Elephant True/False questions:

                                    True                                        False

      Jonathon was David’s friend.                   Saul always loved David.

      Jonathon was the son of Saul.                  David was the son of Saul.

      Jonathon saved David’s life.                    David was killed by Saul.


  1. Discuss friendship: What is a friend? Who are your friends? What qualities make a good friend? Was Jonathon a good friend to David? Are you a good friend to your friends?


  1. Take a small, toy bow and arrow set. Go out in the yard and practice shooting at a target. Can you make it miss like Jonathon?


  1. Make a friendship bracelet: one for yourself and one for a friend.

Take 2-3 24-inch pieces of embroidery floss. Let each child choose the colors. Work with a buddy, each holding one end of the 2-3 pieces of floss. One holds while the other twists until the strands are very tightly twisted. The teacher then comes and grabs the middle with one hand and both ends with the other. Let go of the middle and immediately shake the string vigorously. Tie around child’s wrist. Who will he share the other with?













  1. Close with prayer.