Home Activities:

  • Make Hamantaschen, Purim cookies of Haman’s 3-cornered hat. The easiest way is to take a pie crust mix and add some sugar. Roll and cut 3-inch rounds. Put a spoonful of apricot preserves in the middle and fold up three corners and pinch in the middle. Bake until golden.
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet.
  • Hold “Esther’s Dinner Party”, fixing the food and decorating for your guests.
  • Read the story at bedtime.

Prayer: Lord, save us as You did Esther and defeat our enemies as You did Haman.


Queen Esther Crossword:









4. Built by Haman to kill Mordecai
6. Dinner planned by Esther
8. Raised Esther
9. Jewish festival to celebrate Esther
10. King of Persia
11. Queen before Esther
12. Capital of Persia
13. Esther's people
1. Esther's preparation for seeing the king
2. Home of king and queen
3. New queen of Persia
5. Greek name for King of Persia
6. Reason Esther was chosen queen
7. Plotted against the Hebrews
9. Land of Ahasuerus
12. King's staff touched by Esther



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