1. Children should identify Elisha as the disciple of Elijah.
  2. Children should be able to tell the stories of Elisha and Naaman.

Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Tell the story of Elisha from the The Beginner’s Bible, pages 222-234, First Bible, pages 118-123, or the Read with Me Bible pages 208-215.

Add Elisha to your timeline, here pictured with Elijah going up to heaven. 

  1. True/False questions:

                                           True                                                      False

                  Elisha was the disciple of Elijah.              Jezebel was the disciple of Elijah.

                  Naaman was a leper.                                 Naaman had the flu.

                  Elisha told Naaman to dip in the river.     Elisha told Naaman to cut his hair.

                  Gehazi was the servant of Elisha.             Gehazi was the servant of Naaman.

                  Gehazi lied to Elisha.                                Gehazi was honest and truthful.


  1. Discuss the importance of obedience: God spoke to Naaman through Elisha. Did Naaman want to obey God? Or did Naaman think that what Elisha asked of him was silly? Who else obeyed God, even though it made him look silly? Noah building the ark? Moses holding his staff over the Red Sea? Joshua marching around Jericho? Gideon with his lamp pots and trumpets? David with his sling against Goliath? Do we always understand why we should obey our parents? God? Or do we always ask, “Why?” and miss the miracle.

  1. Make a Naaman mobile:

Cut six 4x4-inch pieces of manila paper

      For each student.

On 2 pieces draw the top half of Naaman.

On 1 piece draw the bottom half of Naaman.

Color 1 side of each blank piece blue for

      the Jordan River.

Color sores on one top half of Naaman and his


Take a 2-foot piece of string for each student.

Line up 2 water sections and one head section                                       

      about one inch apart.

Put a line of glue down the center of each piece.

Lay the string on the glue.

Line up the other head, the body, and the last

      water piece over the other pieces and

      glue down.

As the mobile hangs, it will twist and turn,

      showing Naaman dipping in the water

      and being healed.

  1. Close with prayer.