Minor Prophets -- Micah



Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: the book of Micah. Assign one chapter to each student. Have each seek an answer to these questions: What complaints does God have against the people? What is God planning to do? What image is painted of the future? Then share Micah’s vision with each other. What bothered Micah the most? Does our society commit any of the sins Micah described? Which? How?


  1. Service References: Micah 4:6-5:4 is read on the feast of the Nativity of Christ – “but thou, Bethlehem…” How did Jesus come to be born in Bethlehem, in fulfillment of this prophecy?


  1. Discussion: Read aloud Micah 6:8, a famous passage. Which is hardest for you: justice, kindness (mercy), or humility? Why? Before class, put several objects in a paper bag (e.g., soda, balloon, pencil, soap, McDonald’s wrapper, apple, comic strip, etc. – one for each student) Have the students each reach into the bag and remove an item. How could this item be used in an act of kindness to someone? Discuss. What’s the kindest thing someone did for you last week? You did for someone else? How do you feel when you receive a kindness? Why is it sometimes hard to show kindness? Who can you show kindness to most easily? How would life be different if we eliminated all acts of kindness?


  1. Close with prayer: Have each teen select an act of kindness that they could do in the following week with the object they received and follow through.