1. Children should be able to tell the story of Job – his losses and his struggle with Satan.
  2. Children should know that Job did not curse God.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture reference: the book of Job. Instead of reading the whole book in class, an impossible task, try a summary reading. Assign the parts of Lord, Satan, Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and Elihu. The teacher can be the narrator. Have the appropriate student read these passages in this order to summarize the book:

Narrator – 1:1-4, 6                        Lord – 2:2a                             Bildad – 18:2-4

Lord – 1:7a                       Satan – 2:2b                            Job – 19:1-7, 21-22

Satan – 1:7b                      Lord – 2:3                               Zophar – 20:4-9

Lord – 1:8                         Satan – 2:4-5                           Job – 27:5-6

Satan – 1:9-11                   Lord – 2:6                               Narrator – 32:1-6

Lord – 1:12                       Narrator – 2:7,11-13               Elihu – 33:8-28

Narrator – 1:13-20                        Job – 12:4                                Lord – 38:1-12,40:1-2

Job – 1:21                          Eliphaz – 15:12-16                  Job – 40:3-5

Narrator – 1:22, 2:1           Job – 16:1-3                            Lord – 40:7-14

                                                                                          Job – 42:1-6

                  End with everyone reading Job 42:10-12


  1. Learning Game: Quotations – Write several well-known quotes from Job (Is there such a thing as a well-known quote?) on index cards. Now tear each card in half and hide one half around the room before class. After reading the Scripture, give each student a card and see if he can find the other half.


  1. Make a Bible Movie: For each child, take a  business-size envelope. Seal it and cut off the ends. Cut a window like a TV screen in the front. Cut a strip of paper wide enough for the envelope and about 18 inches long. Divide it into sections like a comic strip, leaving the first and last 3 inches blank. Have the students draw the story of Job like a comic strip in the spaces.  Then pull it through the envelope like a movie, telling the story as you go.



  1. Close with prayer.