Russia, Ukraine, and the OCA

Ukraine, Russia, OCA

Still more ethnic adventures. 

Home Activities:

  • Review the stories of St. Sergius, St. Innocent (Apostle to the Aleuts), St. Herman, and St. Peter the Aleut. 
  • Visit the library or the Internet for books on Eskimos and Aleuts; look at pictures of Alaskan scenery, igloos, seals, walruses, etc. 
  • Visit these animals at the zoo. 
  • Now travel to Russia – try a dinner of cabbage, kielbasa, pierogies (Mrs. T’s are easy),  beets, etc. 
  • Visit one of our Russian parishes – St. Andrew’s OCA or Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox. 
  • Time to pull out that Cyrillic alphabet again and practice some Russian words; just wait till you try “hello”, “thank you”, and “good-bye” in Russian!
  • Learn your Pascha responses in Russian as well; plenty of people in our parish or another can help you.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for bringing the good news of Your holy faith to us in America from Russia with your saints Innocent, Herman, and Peter.