Palm Sunday




  1. Students should be able to identify the characters and the action in the icon.
  2. Students should know why we use palms on Palm Sunday.
  3. Students should know that Palm Sunday is the day after Lazarus Saturday and the week before Pascha. Why?


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. The icon: What do the students already know? Christ the central figure, seated on a donkey (Why a donkey?), the disciples on the far left and the Jews on the far right, the children (one in a tree cutting palm branches and one spreading his cloak under Christ), the city of Jerusalem with the Temple with its onion dome.


  1. Scripture readings: Matthew 21:1-11, 15-17, John 12:1-18


  1. Songs of the Feast:

Troparion: By raising Lazarus from the dead before thy passion, thou didst confirm the universal resurrection, O Christ God. Like the children with the palms of victory, we cry out to thee, O Vanquisher of death: Hosanna in the highest, Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.


  1. Discussion questions:

How did the resurrection of Lazarus effect the response of the crowd on Palm Sunday? Explain the Troparion in your own words; the same Troparion is used for Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday, why? What did Jesus show the world? (that God’s power is greater than death) Did Jesus enter Jerusalem on a warhorse surrounded with an army? Why not? (He came to bring His love, coming on a peaceful donkey) What was the significance of the donkey? Whose prophecy was being fulfilled? (Zechariah) How’d he get the donkey? St. Ephraim the Syrian compares the riding of the donkey on Palm Sunday to the Nativity and the manger, feeding trough of donkeys. Can you?

What does “Hosanna” mean? (“I ask you to save me”) Where did the greeting the people gave Jesus on Palm Sunday come from? (Psalm 118: 25-26) Thus Jesus is being recognized as King.  What is the significance of the greeting, “Son of David”? (Jesus is recognized as Messiah.) Did Jesus sneak into the city, afraid of its leaders since He knew what they would do to him only a few days later? What would you have done in that situation? Does the raising of Lazarus and the triumphal entry into Jerusalem have any effect on the priests who will later condemn Jesus? (It is because of these and the response of the people, that He was judged and condemned.) What is the significance on Palm Sunday of Jesus’s reddish garments? (From Genesis 49: represent blood) Remember that with our palms of joy we are also called to suffering and death; we cannot have the one without the other!


  1. How does our Church celebrate Palm Sunday? (procession, palms, pussy willows) What is the significance of these customs?


  1. Play a learning game: Final Jeopardy. Give each student a pad of paper and a pencil. Prepare your “answers” ahead of time – e.g. donkey, Hosanna, Jerusalem, Lazarus, etc. Give the answer and each student should write an appropriate question on his pad. After 30 seconds, hold up the questions and compare.


  1. Add to your time line as usual. Things will be getting a bit crowded for the next “week” in the life of Jesus.


            7.   Close with prayer.