Home Activities:

  • We begin our study of Pascha on Palm Sunday.  When you bring home the Palms, help your child  put them with each icon.
  • Decorate candle with flowers for the Palm Sunday procession, then in your icon corner.
  • Again place the icon of the feast we colored a few weeks ago in a prominent place.
  • Participate in as many of the Holy Week services as possible. Don’t be afraid to extend bedtime this once or to miss school.
  • Read the story at bedtime each night.
  • Prayer on Palm Sunday: Hosanna in the Highest! Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord. Amen.
  • On Pascha: Put the icon in a prominent place.
  • Make Easter eggs and color them. With older children, try Pysanky.
  • Practice the Paschal greeting “Christ is Risen” & “Indeed He is risen”; memorize in several languages.
  • Plant seeds for flowers.  Visit a florist’s shop and look at all the flowers.  Decorate icons at home with flowers.
  • Bake the traditional sweet bread and make traditional cheese with your child.
  • Let your child help in packing your Pascha basket for church.
  • Puzzle and coloring pages.
  • Sing the Troparion each day, lots of different melodies.


                      PASCHAL GREETINGS


English: Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!

                        Greek: Christos anesti! Alethos anesti!

                        Russian: Christos voskrese! Voistinu voskrese!

                        Arabic: Al-masi-kam! Haq an qaam!

                        Romanian: Christos inviat! Adeverat inviat!