This week we prepare for Pascha.

Home activities:

  • Of course, there will be plenty of Church services to attend. Research the dates and times and names of services and fill them in your hand-out.
  • Try to go to Holy Unction on Wednesday; this will be a big help when we study unction shortly.
  • Each night at storytime, review what Jesus was doing that very day.
  • Put the icon of Pascha in your icon corner.
  • Practice the Paschal greeting in as many languages as you can muster so your child will be an active participant in the service.
  • Sing together the hymn, “Christ is risen from the dead…” -- learn lots of different versions!
  • And don’t forget the wonderful traditions: dye eggs (use crayons to make Pysanky), prepare your Pascha basket and cover, bake Easter bread, make Pascha cheese. You’ll be busy this week!
  • Try a Holy Week lunch. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and rose from the dead, have mercy on me.


Pascha Crossword

2. Gave Jesus his own new tomb
6. Disciple who denied Jesus three times
8. Ancestor of Jesus who danced before the ark
11. City where Jesus was arrested

12. Jewish Feast Jesus was celebrating

14. Hill where Jesus was Crucified
16. Inspired prophet named in Canon
1. He carried Jesus's cross
3. Roman governor who condemned Jesus
4. Garden where Jesus prayed
5. High priest who condemned Jesus
7. Criminal chosen by the crowd
9. Jewish King of Galilee
10. Only Disciple at the cross
11. His sermon is read on Pascha
13. Prophet who spent three days in a fish
15. Disciple who betrayed Jesus