Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Scripture Reference: Daniel 1,2,4,5, and 6. Most of the stories here of Daniel and his friends should be familiar, none more so than that of the lion’s den. After skimming the chapters, divide the students into 2 teams for a Bible Bowl. A team gets a point for each right answer. If they answer correctly, the team gets another question. If they answer wrong, the other team gets a turn with the same question.

What was the name of the first king Daniel and his friends served?

What were the names of Daniel’s three friends in Hebrew?

What honor did the king give to Daniel and his friends?

What did the king’s first dream mean?

What was the end of Nebuchadnezzar?

Who was the second king Daniel served?

Was he good or evil?

What miracle did this king see?

Who was the third king Daniel served?

What did the king do to punish his wicked counselors?


  1. History: Daniel lived through one of the most exciting periods in the history of Mesopotamia. Babylon, under Nebuchadnezzar, rose to its greatest prominence; its Hanging Gardens were one of the wonders of the ancient world. But, under Belshazzar, his successor, Babylon was conquered by Cyrus of Persia, who marched into the city with his army in the dead of night on the dry bed of the Euphrates River that flowed under the city walls (after damming the river!).  Cyrus was succeeded by Darius, known to all students of Greek history as the Persian king who lost the battle of Marathon outside Athens. It was after this famous battle that the runner, Pheidippides ran 26 miles to Athens to gasp out the news that they had won and died. And to this day, 26 miles is the distance run in a “marathon”.


  1. Service References: Actually, the lions’ den gets few mentions, although there are many references to lions. Which prophecy of Daniel is heavily quoted? Daniel 2:45, read on Christmas. “For a young babe, even the Word, has now come forth from the Mountain that is the Virgin, Unto the renewal of the peoples.” And at the Annunciation, “Hail, uncut mountain!” Who is the mountain? Who the rock? How does this prefigure Mary and Jesus?


  1. Discussion: Daniel sat on the “hot seat” of life many times. What are some of the trials Daniel faced? What would you have done in Daniel’s place? What kind of trials are you going through? Have each student in turn take a center chair in the group and discuss one time when he or she was on the “hot seat” (for example, I feel like I’m on the hot seat when…). Then turn it around: “I put others on the hot seat when I…” (e.g., drive too fast). We all go through “lion’s den” experiences. How do we try to protect ourselves from trials? Which of these three groups – parents, teachers, or friends – throws you to the lions the most? Explain. Is there a reason for trials like this? Who is with us through the trials?



  1. Close with prayer: Have each student think of the lion’s den experience that most worries him. Pray for each other today and through the week.















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