Minor Prophets: Micah and Haggai



Home Activities:

  • Use Micah’s kindness jar, full of coupons for help and love.
  • Visit that hospital or nursing home again, this time with favors you make at home.
  • But, Micah also prophesied the fall of Israel and Judah. Visit Fort Meade or the National Guard. See the museums and battlefields of Gettysburg. What is war like?
  • Puzzle and coloring sheet.
  • Haggai rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem. Look at churches all week, their styles, etc. How is one built? Visit an architectural firm or a construction site for advice.

 Prayer: Lord, we pray for peace in the world and for all the armed forces and for all the churches in our neighborhood.



Micah and Haggai may be little-known, “minor”, prophets, but see if you can untangle these famous words:


Words of Micah










Words of Haggai































Haggai Rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem