Romans -- Members of the Body

Romans 12: 4-5-- Members of the Body

Scripture Verse: For as we have many members in one body, but all members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.



                 1. Students should be able to name several parts of their physical bodies and what they are used for.

            2. Students should be able to name several "ministries" within the body of Christ and what their use is. They should be able to state that the Church is the body of Christ.

            3. Older students should memorize the verse.


Possible Lesson Plan:

1.  Open with prayer.

2. Discuss physical bodies and the parts of them -- draw a body on a piece of paper, adding the parts as you discuss them, or let the children draw in each part one by one.


3. Discuss the wonderful things Jesus did when he was physically present on earth -- could use His miracles, teaching parables, etc. as examples.


4. Discuss the concept that we are the body of Christ on earth today -- what things can we do as members of that body? With older children, you can discuss the concept of talents -- that each part of the body does not do all things equally well -- and let the children think about their own talents and where they may fit into the whole. You could even briefly discuss disabilities; how does it hinder a person to be blind, deaf, etc., and what might be the equivalent in the Church.


5.  Sing: Father Abraham

                 Father Abraham had many sons

                 Many sons had Father Abraham.

                 And I am one of them, and so are you,

                 So let's all praise the Lord                                   RIGHT HAND!

                                                                                             LEFT HAND!

                                                                                             RIGHT FOOT!

                                                                                             LEFT FOOT!


     Sing the chorus again and again, each time adding one more part of the body to the marching motion until the whole body is marching in time to the music.


6.  Make a large drawing of our church on your bulletin board. Have each child draw his/her family and put them inside the church. Remind them that we are all member of the church.



7. Do the Members of the Body craft on the next page.

8. Close with Prayer.