David and Jonathon



  1. Children should identify David as King after Saul.
  2. Children should identify Jonathon as Saul’s son.
  3. Children should be able to tell the story of David and Jonathon.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Scripture Reference: I Kingdoms/I Samuel 19:1-10, 20:12-42.


  1. Learning Game: Look around the Room. Give each student a list of clues. Scatter around the room, cards with the names on them. Each student must hunt for the match for each question and write the answer on his page of clues. Be sure to leave the name cards in place for the next person to find!

Samuel – a boy prophet who grew up to anoint Saul and David

Saul – thought that sacrifice was better than obedience

Jonathon – Saul’s son who became David’s best friend

Jesse – father of David

Eliab – David’s oldest brother

Goliath – Philistine who defied the armies of God

David – carried corn and bread to his brothers on the battlefield

Amalekites – the land and people Saul was to destroy but did not


  1. Discuss friendship: What is a friend? Who are your friends? What qualities make a good friend? Was Jonathon a good friend to David? Are you a good friend to your friends?


  1. Now finish your books. Add Jonathon to your figures in the pocket. Add Saul’s tent and the archery field to your pages. Now, can you tell the whole story, from Saul all the way to David and Jonathon?

  1. Close with prayer.