Minor Prophets -- Haggai



  1. Children should be able to identify Haggai as a prophet who spoke for God.
  2. Children should know that Haggai lived just before the time of Esther.
  3. Children should know that Haggai told the people to rebuild His temple.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


  1. Tell the story of Haggai with the flannelboard figures and storybook.


  1. Feed the Elephant True/False questions:

                                            True                                          False

                  Haggai was a prophet of God.                  Haggai was a soldier.

                  Haggai lived in the land of Judah.            Haggai lived in the land of Babylon.

                  Haggai said to rebuild the temple.            Haggai said to build your own house.


  1. Consider with the children the importance of having a church to worship in. Do we have a church? What do we do in church? Do we have houses? What do we do in our houses? What can we do in both? How are the two different? How important is it to have a church to worship in?


  1. Review the prophecies about the Christ: Isaiah? (born of a virgin, a Nazarene, suffering and death); Micah? (born in Bethlehem); Jeremiah? (the slaying of all children under two); Zechariah? (riding on a donkey).

  1. Make Hebrew people, one per child:

Take a toilet paper tube for each person.

Cut a strip of white paper for the face, 

colored paper for the clothing, and

make a hat of tinfoil or cloth.

Draw in the features.

Glue on colored paper arms with white


                  Play with the people, helping them to build

God a temple. Use the model of the   temple made by the teens if you want.


  1. Close with prayer.