1. Children should know what happened at Annunciation.
  2. Children should be able to identify the figures in the icon.


Possible Lesson Plan:

  1. Open with prayer.


2. Read the story of the Annunciation in Beginner’s Bible, pages 266-270, the Children’s Bible Reader, pages 164-165, or Read with Me Bible, pages 252-255. Supplement, if desired, with the Golden Children’s Bible, pages 348-349. Review the story with the icon, identifying Mary and Gabriel. What is Mary holding? She is shown holding a spool of thread because she was spinning thread when the angel appeared to her.


  1. True or False:

True                                         False

            Gabriel is an archangel.                                   Gabriel is a demon.

            God told Mary she would bear His Son.        God sent Mary a message in a bottle.

            The Annunciation is a special                         Mary told God to get lost.


            Mary accepted God’s word.                           The Holy Spirit is seen as a dog.


  1. Have the children repeat the difficult word, “Annunciation”, until they have it straight.


  1. Review your lesson on angels: Who are some of the angels that appear in the Bible? What is their function?


  1. Make paper bag puppets, one of Gabriel and one of Mary.  Use construction paper, yarn, crayons or markers, lace.  For smaller children, cut out the wings, hair, etc., ahead of time.  With the teacher holding one puppet and the child talking for the other, can you tell the story of the Annunciation?







  1. Close with prayer.